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This is a special journey in your life, and it is time to learn and grow. You have been pushed to the point that something has to change and I think you are ready.

We are going to work together to create change. 

I will help you shift emotional blockages and help you release habit patterns that no longer serve you. This will help you move forward and allow you to feel more confident, focused and at peace with yourself. 

As we are working together, you will be participating and implementing changes at home. 

Kinesiology is a Holistic Therapy that uses muscle testing to find what your body needs to correct any imbalances and health issues. Kinesiology works with muscles, accupressure points, meridian and stress release points to help the body come into a place of healing.  

I also correct the body’s imbalance with Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Reiki, life style changes, stress management and ancestral healing.

I recommend you have 3 sessions a couple of weeks apart to really allow the momentum of change and then a follow up session in either 2, 6 or 12 monthly for a tune up.

Phone sessions available. What? How is this possible?  Well, because Kinesiology works on the energy of your body. It is possible to use a surrogate in a treatment when the person is far away or too unwell to have a treatment. It works a bit the same as distance Reiki. So, I can work on you from anywhere in the world!

Kinesiology Gold Coast

Is Kinesiology for Me?

Kinesiology is for you if you are…

Open to a alternative ways of healing

Willing to make changes in your life, to improve your situation

Accepting of any information or insight that comes up in the treatment

Grateful for taking the time out of your busy life to heal and nurture your body

Need more information? Here is what others have to say…

Melissa was awesome! I’ve been a little reluctant to try kinesiology for a few years now but I’m so glad I did. I arrived feeling stressed and left feeling great. Would highly recommend.

I was fortunate enough to have a kinesiology treatment from Melissa today. So caring, genuine and wonderful at her craft. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks again Melissa. Lisa.H

Melissa is so in tune and so focused and experienced in her practice. Her attention to her clients is unparealledlled, we love the balance we feel after kinesiology with Melissa. We apreciate all your work on our littlest.

Kinesiology Gold Coast, Burleigh, Palm Beach, Elanora, Currumbin.