Meditation for Anxiety – Meditation to manage Anxiety

This is a Meditation for Anxiety, but also a fantastic method to manage Anxiety. It will give you tools to use to manage Anxiety and to keep you calm, focused and centred.

You will be able to use these tools whilst in meditation or when you are feeling Highly Anxious in any situation.

What people have said about this Meditation for Anxiety…

I tried Melissa’s 10 minute guided meditation and loved it! I have an anxiety disorder and after a week I noticed a big difference. Starting a new routine is always a challenge, especially with a busy schedule, so I really appreciated that it was a structured and designated 10 minutes that I could safely work in to my every-day. It is also nice having the breathing technique as a tool for moments when I can’t meditate, but still need to find some calmness. The more I use the breathing technique, the easier and better it feels. I would definitely recommend this meditation for anyone!


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