Goals, Gratitude and Giggles

It’s the beginning of the year and I am sure you have had time to reflect on the past year and set some amazing Goals for this year.  here are some ways to use Gratitude and Giggles to achieve your goals and not let them be just another New Years Resolution.

Goals can be in any area of your life. You may have personal goals, business goals, travel goals or realestate goals. What ever your goals may be, they require a certain amount of Gratitude and Giggles to be able to achieve them!

On the weekend we went for a bush walk. Every year within the first couple of weeks of January we go on a Goal setting walk, to set our intentions for the Year ahead.  We set our goals for the year and then we observe the challenges, pitfalls, success, ease or what ever we feel on the walk. This represents our journey to achieving our goal. 

We wanted to go the beautiful Twin Falls so we decided to head up to Springbrook. Little did we know that the road was still closed! Oh, first challenge! Luckily, right where the road was closed, there was another walk called The Pinnacle. It’s a black diamond walk! I thought to myself, ‘Do I really want to set myself up for a huge challenge?  I wanted to achieve my goals on a lovely Twin Falls walk!’ But, we where here, we saw an obstacle and we did it anyway!

So already we have learned about our goals

  • Maybe an unexpected track will lead us to our goal
  • If we see a challenge that looks hard, do it anyway

So we continue on our unexpected path and it is really steep. Pretty much straight up with a flat landing ever 20 metres. It was nice to know that even with the challenge there was time and space to rest. We saw a few other groups of hikers and they were honestly the friendliest hikers I have ever met. Every one offered advise, encouragement and support. 

  • Be open to information and support from people who have been there and done it. They will come into your life a the right time when you need it the most. 
  • Take time to rest and look after yourself.

We were going for about an hour, up, up, up. We were just about to give up. Our youngest boy was looking pretty tired and we knew we still had to get down! Then a man came out of nowhere and overtook us. He said ‘You can’t stop now! You’re nearly there! Have a rest, there is no rush. Take your time, you have all day!’ Then he gave us a muslei  bar for a boost of energy and away he went!

  • Just when your about to give up……Don’t! You could be nearly at your goal. 
  • Expect angels to appear to encourage you to the end. 

Then it was time to go down. Going up always seems easier in regards to stability, as going down on steep gravel can be very slippy! I had a couple of sticks for support and I had my method of descend. My husbands method was to go on the edge and hold on to the foliage. My younger son was sliding down on his bottom. We all thought we were very clever and had our way of not slipping over. 

As we were all looking completely awkward, my older son, who is nearly 16, walked past us all, going down like he was walking on flat path  and texting someone at the same time! He is always walking up and down bush trails with his love of mountain biking, so this trail was no different to any other crazy track he has been on. He wished he had his bike so he could get down faster! 

So I looked at the way he was walking, the way he held his body, the angle he had his feet and decided to copy his movements.  And guess what? It was a lot easier!

  • Someone will always know an easier path. Don’t struggle if you don’t have to!

So we made it to the top and then to bottom and felt very satisfied. We worked hard and we achieved our goal! We learned a lot of lessons along the way. Now, I feel prepared for our Goals of 2023!

Gratitude and Giggles are also important for achieving your goals. Have fun on your journey. It’s the journey that makes the achieving of the goal so satisfying. 

Gratitude every day will encourage more thing to come into your life to be grateful for! Start a gratitude diary and write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. 

Follow your joy, have fun and giggle along the way! The emotion of Joy is what opens you up to receiving abundance. Stress closes you off and Joy allows good things to flow. Find a piece of Joy everyday. Everyones joy is different, what do you find Joy in?

I hope these give you some inspirational tips to achieving your goals this year.  Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to uncover what your abundance blocks are and how to remove them. Sometimes it only takes one session! You can Book in Here.

Reach out if you need support. Wishing you the best for 2023

Stay balanced

Melissa xo

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