The 3 Triggers of Inflammation

Inflammation can feel very different for everyone. Some people feel it in their joints, in the gut or even in their head. Your body will trigger an inflammatory response as a protection, it is reacting to what it senses to be danger or injury.

Some symptoms could be

  • Sore joints
  • Aching and cramping muscles
  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Digestive problems
  • Bloating and cramping
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Tired and lethargic
  • Low immune system
  • Autoimmune problems

So why is your body feeling achy and tired all the time, when you’re not in danger and you don’t feel like you need any protection? There are 3 reasons why your body can be reacting.


The busyness of society has made stress a normal state of mind that many people will feel all day long. We wake up and check the news, which will usually make you feel fearful for the state of the world, we rush all the kids out the door and get to work, we are busy all day at work and then rush to take the kids to activities and then dinner and then collapse in front of social media for some social stress. For many people this is everyday life and when everyone else Is doing it then it becomes the norm. This constant state of stress over long periods of time will cause inflammation in the body.

Stress disrupts your entire system. Back in the cave man times, we would feel stress only when either hunting or running away from animals. This flight or fight response triggers the energy to leave to torso and to go to the arms and legs to be able to run away from dangers. If the energy leaves the torso it will reduce to energy in the digestive system, the reproductive system and the immune system. This is fine if we then go into a relaxed state by sitting around the fire and enjoying good food and dancing and singing, the energy will go back to the torso and we leave the flight/flight behind and enter into a rest and digest state where all these 3 systems are running at optimal levels.

In our day to day life of stress and being constantly on the go, these 3 systems can become sluggish and low in energy and even dysfunctional.


Which brings us to Dietary. At this point, you may feel as though suddenly you can’t tolerate certain foods anymore. You may feel bloated and cramping and have weight gain. You may be feeling tired and brain foggy. Most people won’t acknowledge the connection with stress and lifestyle and they will then go on to treating digestive issues.

Certain foods are more inflammatory than others. The 3 big ones are, Gluten, Dairy and Sugar. If you have ever gone to any natural health professional, and been given a diet or a cleansing protocol, you would know that these are things that they will first remove from your diet. This is not to say that you are intolerant to them. They are inflammatory due to the state of your digestive system and gut health. By removing these, it gives your body a chance to heal.

The beauty with Kinesiology is that I can muscle test to see which foods are aggravating your system. You may not need to remove some of these foods, but you may need to remove others or you may need to add more healing foods into your diet. Every body is an individual and requires a personalised healing plan.

Supporting the Gut with good prebiotic food is essential for good health. There are so many temptations out there to eat a pre-packaged, hi fat, hi sugar, hi salt diet. Going back to basics and eating real food from nature is the first step to improving digestive issues.

Toxic Environment

We are surrounded by Toxins all day, every day. Toxic Chemicals can be found in body creams, hair products, make-up, soaps and body washes, perfumes, deodorants, toothpastes, cleaning products, garden pesticides, car fumes, non organic food, bad fats and oils, preservatives, additives, tap water etc. You get the idea, the list could go on. When your body becomes too full of toxins, then your body will feel threatened and instigate an inflammatory response for protection.

Choosing natural products or low chemical products, eating as clean and healthy as possible and seasonal cleansing are all important to support our body to reduce and filter out the environmental toxins.

Of course this just an extremely brief overview of what can trigger inflammation. If you would like to start your healing journey and are ready to make changes, Kinesiology is the perfect tool to get to the root cause of any ailment. Book a Discovery Call Here to have a chat and see if we align.

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