Finding Stillness to Allow your Body to Heal

All healing starts from within. We can outsource supplements, medicines, treatments, but at the end of the day, our healing is happening depending on our thoughts and emotions. I believe that all the answers to our health and healing are available. In a world were it seems to be too much information these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the abundant health guru advise, fad diets and of course Dr Google.

The power of the mind has been tested over and over again as they do placebo studies for medicines. A placebo study is when you have 2 groups of people, one who is taking the actual medicine and one who is taking sugar tablets. It is very common in these studies that a certain amount of placebo clients will find improvement as they believe they are taking something that is healing them. Just as much as it happens that the people who are taking the actual medicine, question if they are taking something that is helping them and they find no improvement at all.

So, if the belief in what we are taking is creating the outcome, then shouldn’t our intuition and emotions around the medication or treatment be the number 1 factor?

It is time to learn how to find your stillness and allow the correct answers to come to you.

If you find you have too many choices or too much information, then you need to Sit in Stillness to allow the answer to come to you. We can’t hear our intuition if there is a lot of noise going on in our head, also known as over thinking, over analysing, stressing, internalising.

Sitting in Stillness takes practice. You may need to start with a meditation practice to train your mind to quiet. You may like to start some mindfulness practice, where you sit and focus on what is around you for example, what you can smell, what you can hear, what you can see. These are called practices for a reason. They take practice to be able to achieve your stillness. Our lives are busy and our minds are even busier. It isn’t that easy to clear your mind. It takes practice. Be gentle with yourself.

When I feel like I have the same question churning over and over again in my mind and it feels like I don’t have the answer, I use these simple tools

  • I go for a walk in nature. Walking intergrates the left and right side of the brain and allow you to clear your emotional thoughts and gain access to your logic and reasoning part of your brain.
  • I sit for 10 minutes and focus on my breath and clear and mind. This allows my intuition to be heard. I set an intention to hear the answer to my question. I clear my mind and relax my emotions and the answer usually pops into my mind and it all makes sense.
  • I use a Crystal Pendulum to ask a question. If there is a lot of emotion attached to the question then this may not always be accurate.
  • I treat myself with Kinesiology to clear any negative blocks and allow my subconscious mind to speak and guide my direction.

Another tool that I use is my emotion. I think about the treatment or supplement or diet and I feel my emotions. If my emotions feel positive then I go for it. If they feel reserved or negative or unsure, then I leave it. Because, at the end of the day, if you feel good about it, it is more likely to work!

I find that Reiki is a great tool to help you to feel into your body and self heal. It opens your awareness and intuition and allows you to feel more empowered on your healing journey. You can find out more about Reiki Here.

Sitting in Stillness is essential for any self healing and I hope you can practice these tools and find confidence in your intuition and your bodies innate ability to heal.

Comment below any other tools you use to find guidance and hear your intuition.

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