How to know your Following your Intuition and not just being crazy!

This is a follow up to the Full Moon Circle we had last week. We worked on the 3rd Eye Chakra and our Manifestation and intuition skills. It was a beautiful Circle of Women full of support, non judgment and love. Some women were already in tune and listening to their intuition while others were struggling. This is why I think these Women’s Circles are so valuable as we can learn so much from each other.

Why Too Much Energy in your 3rd Eye is not a good thing

Some people think that the more energy you put into the upper Chakras, then the more intuitive and psychic you will become. This is true to a certain degree, but it will only be true if your lower Chakras are energised enough to support the opening of the upper Chakras. If you think of it like the structure of the Tower, It needs a good foundation or it will fall down when the higher levels are build onto it.

This means that the more grounded that you are, the more balanced you will be and the more accurate the information you will receive. I am sure you can imagine the type of person that just floats around telling everyone that they are receiving messages. They say their intuition is so strong, but in reality, when you look at their life, they are barely functioning in the real world. They are so connected to the spiritual that they can’t see the necessary survival (base chakra) aspects of life, like having a home, paying the bills, eating good food, drinking good water, being able to support themselves.

Grounded, wise and all knowing

Then imagine a wise person who is completely grounded. They have a beautiful, cosy home and they love to work in the garden. People come to them for advise because they are wise and knowing and they tell people straight what they think. Following their intuition it brings in a good crop and abundance into their lives. Goal setting and day dream is a regular part of life and they manifest what they desire. Everything that they need to survive on this planet is provided, and they easily manifest what they need and what they want.

These are obviously two extreme scenarios but they give a good example to help you understand the effects of having balanced Chakras as a opposed to just building your higher Chakras to become psychic.

How life looks when you are Balanced

If your Base Chakra is strong then you will be surrounded by a loving and supportive tribe of people. You will be happy and content with where you live. Work will be enjoyable and you will be paid well. Your health will be good with a strong physical body. If this is all happening for you, then you are probably already good at following your intuition. These things have already manifested into your life. As you can see, these two Chakras need each other as they all do, to live a happy balanced life.

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