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3 Tips for Clearing Brain Fog

Argghh! Brain fog! It is so hard to think, make decisions and concentrate when you have Brainf og!

I remember first experiencing this after having my second child. I was exhausted even though he was a good sleeper, my body ached, and I always had Brain fog! Everyone told me it was normal, but it didn’t feel normal. I started drinking coffee for the first time in my life because it temporarily cleared the fog enough so I could get things done for a few hours.

Two of my most embarrassing brain fog moments still make me cringe. The first one was dropping my eldest boy off at kindy. I was walking out the door with some other Mums, chatting away, when I realised I didn’t know where my 15mth old was. For a few moment I started frantically looking. I was wondering why no one was helping me, they were all just standing there looking at me funny. Then I realised that he was sitting on my hip the whole time! Can you imagine! I was so embarrassed. That is brain fog in its truest sense. The other time was when I was in the grocery store and I was completing my shop. I went to put my PIN number in to pay, but for the life of me, I could not remember what it was. I had had this PIN number for 10 years! I vaguely remembered the numbers but I couldn’t figure out what order they went in.

So you can imagine by this time, I thought I was going a little bit crazy. What I didn’t know, was that all of this was purely stress related. Having two babies, I didn’t have any time for myself, life became super busy, especially when I stated back at work, and I wasn’t dealing with it because I thought my body should be able to handle this. I mean, lots of people have kids and work, they all seemed to be doing ok. Or where they?

After years of living in this stressed state, I finally started seeing a Kinesiologist. After the first session, It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew then that I was going to become a Kinesiologist myself and help people in the same situation.

Brain Fog can be caused from many factors. Here are a few

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Medications
  • Parasites
  • Low in vitamins and minerals
  • Toxic home
  • Lack of sleep

Looking at this list, it just shows that Brain fog can occur when your life is out of balance. Your body will always let you know when your life is out of balance and brain fog is one of the messages.

Have a look at the list above and think about your life. If you quiet your mind, your intuition will tell you which one is the main culprit, if not a few of them.

There are quite a few different physical reasons for Brain fog, but today I will be explaining more about how the energy in your body effects brain fog, and some easy tips to removing brain fog.

1. You have a Tornado in your head

I always use this analogy with clients because it really gives a great visual of the way the energy is looking and feeling in their body when they are under stress.

Imagine a Tornado of energy spiralling up and swirling around your head. This swirling tornado is all your thoughts, worries concerns, projects, stresses, kids talking at you, jobs to do, meals to prepare, problems to solve etc. When too much is swirling around your head it is like a tornado that is sucking energy up from the lower Chakras (energy centres) and bringing all that energy up to your head. You know that feeling, that if one more thing happens you think you may explode!

When you feels like this, it is important to bring that energy back down, spreading that energy out so your body can regain balance. Have you heard of the term ‘Get Grounded’? Getting Grounded will bring this energy back down to your feet. It is a great way to balance your energy and remove that chaos from your mind. It will bring everything back into perspective.

Ways to Get Grounded

  • Go for a walk in nature
  • High cardio exercise to burn off stress
  • Walk bare feet on the ground
  • Swim/walk/sit at the Beach

2. You need time for self care

Everyone need to take time for self care. Nurturing ourselves allows us to give more, do more and be more. It all starts with self love and self care. Creating a routine of self care is important to keep yourself filled up and feeling good and staying balanced. Self care can be as simple as nurturing yourself with good healthy food, going on a full day spa pamper. Think about what is important to you to fill you up.

Self care tips

  • Nurture yourself with good healthy food
  • Take a magnesium bath
  • Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure etc
  • Meditate

3. Meditation

Meditation is the perfect way to clear your mind and to re-energise and balance your body. I only needs to take 15 minutes. Everyone can find a spare 15 minutes in the day. You may like to meditate in the morning to set your energy and intentions for the day. You may like to meditate mid afternoon. If you feel a lull of energy at this time, it could be a good way to give yourself a natural boost of energy. You may like to meditate in evening to start the winding down process so you can easily get to sleep at night. It is always a good time to meditate!

Benefits of Meditation

  • Clears your mind of brain fog
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Allows space for intuition
  • Re-energises your body, mind and spirit

For some great meditations, click here.

Follow these 3 tips and let me know how you feel. If you are experiencing Brain fog, then your life is out of balance. It may take the changing of a few habits to bring you back into balance.

If you need help determining what area of your life is out of balance, Kinesiology is amazing to get to the source of all life and health challenges.

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