Throat Chakra

Fifth Chakra –  Throat Chakra – Location is between the jaw and bottom of neck. It is in charge of the throat, thyroid, neck and jaw.

The Throat Chakra is all about expressing yourself. It’s about expressing vocally what you need and desire, speaking your truth and beliefs and communicating honestly. It is also about expressing yourself creatively. Standing strong in the truth of who you are and easily and openly expressing yourself. 

If your Throat Chakra is in balance then you can easily communicate with others and have honest discussions about your beliefs and desires. Everyone around you will always know exactly where they stand with you and what your needs are and will respect your honest approach to any situation and conversation. The Throat Chakra loves singing and public speaking but, it also loves expressing your true authentic self in art or other creative outlets. It also loves to have interesting discussions with like minded people.

If your Throat Chakra is out of balance then you will find it hard to communicate what you need so you may fall into the ‘no one understand me’ box. You could be quiet and not express your needs at all or you could be very loud and just not be able to get the message across without upsetting everyone. You will fear public speaking. You may have thyroid problems. 

Singing can open up your Throat Chakra. You can sing in the shower, or in the car or in public! You can wear something blue around your neck, or be creative with the colour blue by making or designing something blue. 

The next chakra is the very mystical third eye…

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