Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra, chakra balancing, chakra cleansing

Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra – Location chest. It looks after the heart, lungs and circulation system. 

The Heart Chakra is all about Love. It’s about giving and receiving Love and attracting people that you Love into your life. It’s also about attracting things that you Love into your life, like your dream job, hobbies that fill you full of joy, and objects that you love whether it be vintage cars or designer labels. The Heart Chakra also cleanses all other Chakras of negativity and helps keep the energy field positive. 

If your Heart Chakra is in balance, then you will have a constant and even flow of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving of Love, time, energy, things, money, kindness.  You will feel loved and you can easily give love. It’s not just about finding the love of your life, it’s loving people, and caring for people with generosity and compassion and kindness and equally being loved  and cared for. All that you love will easily flow into your life.

Your Heart Chakra is out of balance if you are always the giver and never the receiver. If your energy is always being taken by others and your energy is never replenished. Or maybe you are always receiving and never giving. It’s out of balance if you are not doing what you love in life, whether it be work or hobbies. It is out of balance if you can’t let go of old hurts and can’t forgive and feel hate instead of love.

The Heart Chakra is so beautiful, tender and loving. To balance and energise the heart chakra, you can surround yourself in the colour green. If you are a giver, then be conscious and open to receiving when the opportunity arises. If you are more of a receiver, then spend some time and open to giving when someone needs it. In other words, try and create that balance of giving and receiving in your life. 

The next Chakra in line is the Throat Chakra…

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