Base Chakra

Over the next 7 weeks, I am going to roll out one Chakra per week. Lets start off 2020 with healthy, charged up Chakras and watch how this will give us a prosperous, healthy, joyful year!

First ChakraBase Chakra – Located around the pelvis. Looks after Hips, spine, legs, feet.

The Base Chakra keeps our spiritual body connected to the earth. It is our survival Chakra. If it is in Balance then we will always have everything we need to survive in life. We will always have enough money, enough food, and enough of everything that we need to survive in the world we are in. 

The Base Chakra also gives us a tribe of people that we connect with and are supported by. So, if it is in balance, we will have a loving, supportive friend and/or family group. We will live in a place that gives us energy and we feel completely at home. It might be a particular house, town or by the beach or in the bush or near a forest. It helps us find our place in the world, where we can feel happy and content with where we are, who we know and all that we have. 

It sounds lovely doesn’t it? 

If our base chakra is out of balance, we will always be short of money, unhappy with where we live and have challenging relationships with family and/or friends. We live in a constant struggle of not having enough and live in a poverty consciousness. 

Physically, there may be feet, ankle, knee or hip problems. 

How is your Base Chakra? 

To energise your Base Chakra, you need to ground yourself. The Base chakra loves getting out in nature and moving your body. It loves any physical movement especially if it is in nature. It also loves dancing and having fun with your tribe. You can also energise it by wearing the colour red or surrounding yourself with the colour red, e.g. cushions or a painting or flowers.

Chakra balancing meditations are available here . If you would like a chakra balance with a Kinesiology treatment, click here

Stay tuned for the next chakra…..

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