Grounding – Why, How to, and When to

Grounding is a pretty common term these days. Everybody is talking about it, and in this time that we are living in, it has become more important than ever.

So what is taking us away from being grounded. In one word it is – Technology.

Technology has consumed our time and sped up our lives. The busyness of the world has taken us away from nature and encouraged us to become more mental than physical. When you are more mental than physical you become too much in your own head with overthinking and start to have feelings of stress and anxiety.

Your brain is like a computer. It is full of programs and software that make you the person that you are. It is also like a computer, in a way, that if it is on for too long, it becomes a bit glitchy and needs a reboot. For a computer you just need to switch it off and on again. For people, rebooting is getting grounded, mindfulness and meditation. It is anything that allows us to mentally switch off and be present.

8 Ways to Ground yourself

  • Bushwalking, Beach walking and spending time in nature
  • Free Dancing
  • Walking barefoot on the grass
  • Visualising being connected to the Earths energy
  • Any outdoor physical exercise
  • Gardening
  • Camping in nature
  • Tree hugging

Grounding allows you to clear the overthinking and clutter out of your mind and leaves space for logical thinking, more focus and clearer thoughts.

When you should ground yourself

You should ground yourself at least once a day. Morning is good because it prepares you for the day ahead, and afternoon is good because it will clear your mind from the busyness of the day and prepare you for rest. Really, whenever you can take the time for yourself, then this is when you should do it.

Exercise is the easiest way to ground yourself. It burns off stress and integrated your left and right brain, allowing you to process information better and clear cluttered thought and think logically.

Making time for yourself is so important and necessary for the health of your body, mind and spirit.

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