How to know your on the right Track to healing.

When you are embarking on a healing journey, sometimes it can feel that everyone thinks they have the answer for you. “My Sisters, Father inlaw had that and they used Bi carb soda to alkaline the body” or “My cousins, Aunty had the same thing and they used a product from the Amazon” or “Go and see this specialist, because they have all the answers.” or “just change your diet!”

Whatever the ailment, I am sure you have been told at least 5 different ways to heal, and maybe you have tried them and they have or haven’t helped. In a world of Google and endless remedies and information, it can be extremely overwhelming and hard to find that one thing that really can fix everything.

So, I am here to help you navigate through and follow your intuition so you really can discover what can help you on your healing journey.

First of all, everybody’s body is different. Where one thing will work for someone, the same thing won’t work for someone else. There are so many different aspect of a person to look at, with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness, which can effect and allow healing to take place.

The first step to take is to Stop, Breath and Meditate. Your intuition will only work if you can remove the clutter that is spinning around your head. If you are calm, clear and focused then you are in a position for the intuition to flow. It is in the silence that your intuition can speak and be heard. Intuition can be an idea that pops into your head, a feeling that you need to be somewhere in particular, or if you keep thinking of a certain person, maybe you should call them. Find out more about intuition here.

The Second step is to know what you want. Visualise the outcome you are looking for. Do you want to find something that with cure the problem or something that will ease discomfort. What do you believe is possible?

The Third step is to allow the information to come to you. We run into new and old friends for a reason. It is to exchange information. If you keep visualising the outcome you desire, then you will attract the right people into your life that will have the information you need to heal. Have you ever, been thinking of someone and then they phone you, or you run into them at the shops? Have you ever been thinking of something and then it happened? Well, this is the same principle. Maybe its a person or maybe it’s something you stumble across on the internet or a book jumps out at you at the book shop.

The Fourth step is to believe in what you have chosen to do. If you have a herb, ointment, drink, supplement etc but you are unsure if it is going to work, then you will probably forget to take it, or not use the correct dosage or try it for a week and then give up. Does this sound familiar? I am sure everyone has done this. If you have full faith that something will work, then you will put in more effort and have a better chance of it actually working. Try not to pick lots of things and do them sporadically. Pick one or two things and do them consistently and do them well. Then once you comfortable with it and it has become part your habit, then maybe add something else if need be.

The Fifth step is to find and follow your Joy. Healing will only take place if you are happy. Stress and unhappiness could be what created this dis-ease in the first place. Find your Joy and joy can heal. Think of your cells in your body as little workers in a factory. If the factory workers are well looked after and are happy, then they are productive and work well and everything runs smoothly. If the factory workers are surrounded by negativity and harsh conditions, then they will become disgruntled and turn rogue.

These steps sound very simple. You may be thinking that your problem is a lot more complicated than this. I didn’t say these steps would be quick and easy. Healing is about taking one step at a time in the right direction towards health. I guarantee that if you implement these steps, you will notice a change little by little and a movement towards healing.

If you need more guidance, feel free to Book in for a consult.

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