How Bushwalking can calm your nervous system

Bushwalking has long been a relaxing past time. The fresh air, the relaxing sounds of nature and amazing heart pumping exercise. Over the years, people have become more and more separated from the bush. Living in cities, busy at working and being glued to screens has distracted us for long enough! It has increased our stress levels and decreased our health. It is now time to step back into nature and feel the energy and rejuvenation it has to offer.

Your nervous system gets an overworking with the amount of overstimulation that we have become accustom to. It is now ‘normal’ to be thinking, doing and working non stop all day to be able to maintain our lifestyle. Drinking caffeine and other stimulants to keep us going and not having the time to sit and just reflect. When we are in this continued state, our immune system, digestive system and reproductive system take the back seat as all the energy in your body is required to keep busy and productive. This can result in problems in these areas.

Getting back to nature and taking the time to walk in the park or bush, can have a very positive effect on your nervous system and health.

  • The fresh air helps to clear your mind and calm your thoughts. Calming your nervous system, Helping you to stay present and be mindful.
  • The woody smells work like essential oils, to boost your immune system.
  • Exercise helps to reduce stress levels and detox.
  • Walking helps to integrate your left and right brain which is good for learning and problem solving.
  • This air is full of Negative Ions which boost your immune system by neutralising free radicals and supports your nervous system.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Going with a friend helps with social connection

The benefits are endless! So, grab a backpack and get on out there!

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