How Kinesiology helps Anxiety

Are you wondering, ‘Why is Kinesiology so good for managing Stress and Anxiety?’ 

Well,  I know first hand how amazing Kinesiology is for Stress and Anxiety. 

3 Years ago I was really struggling with Stress and Anxiety, and that is what lead me to Kinesiology. Find out more about my story here.  I remember having my first Kinesiology treatment and at the end, I walked out and thought, ‘I have no idea what she just did, but I feel so much better.’

So, I thought I would bring a little bit more clarity to the situation and explain 4 of the reasons why Kinesiology is amazing to manage Stress and Anxiety.  You can watch a video about it below.

1. You are taking time for yourself, and this is the first step to taking responsibility for your health. Just the fact that you are in a relaxing atmosphere, with nice music, you are laying still, and the whole treatment being all about you, this instanting brings you into a place of self nurturing and healing.

2. The Kinesiology techniques I use, calm, balance and release unwanted negative emotions. Emotions can be stored in are of your body, causing you discomfort and tension. The corrections that I use in Kinesiology could be things like, acupressure points, stretching, energy balancing, and many more. These corrections release the unwanted stored emotion, giving you a feeling of release and relaxing. 

3. Changing Patterns. In life, sometimes we get stuck in the same experience – reaction pattern. This gives us the same outcome and repetitive experiences, making us feel stuck. In Kinesiology, I can track back to the exact Year, Month and the emotion that you felt when this pattern began. Understanding the pattern is the first step to creating change and allowing you to move forward.

4. Homework. Kinesiology is a partnership. We work together to create change. If you don’t make changes in your life then you will always have the same problems. Change can be daunting and uncomfortable but it is necessary for us to change so we can experience a different outcome.  Homework, might be, for example,  meditation or a certain exercise or dietary change. 

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