Emotional Stress Release Points

Also known as ESR. These awesome little points on your forehead will allow you to calm and think clearly and rationally. They will also help you to manage stress and anxiety.

Sometimes under stressful situations, whether they are self created or not, we can feel like we go into overwhelm and just can’t think clearly! 

In this video I explain how by pressing these points, it encourages blood to flow into the part of the brain in charge of logical and rational thinking. By doing this, you will easily be able make decisions and navigate your way through a stressful situation with clarity, focus and a great outcome.

Being under high stress can trick your brain into thinking that you are in fight/flight. By pressing these points it brings the body back out of fight/flight and back into the logical brain where you can understand your situation on another level.

ESR Points help to 

  1. Manage Stress
  2. Manage Anxiety
  3. Gives you clarity
  4. Allow you to rationally think about your problem without being emotionally overwhelmed 
  5. takes you out of fight/flight

So, try this next time you are feeling overwhelmed with Stress, Anxiety or Panic. 

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